About Us

Our school was founded by a group of forward-thinking parents in 1977. They knew that strong, effective partnerships between parents and teachers are essential for children to achieve their greatest potential.

From birth to adulthood parents are the primary educators of their children. By forming a real partnership with parents, Rosemont gives students a powerful advantage.

We have found that success is certain for students whose teachers and parents collaborate with them in the development of their goals and strategies for pursuing academic excellence.

Ownership of Learning

Rosemont is a pioneer of Ownership of Learning delivered through Academics and Coaching

  • Academic – an excellent record of academic success with all students qualifying for Irish universities; Humanities – Rosemont’s long history in teaching students to think independently is anchored in the teaching of the humanities: English, History, CSPE, Modern Languages, RE, Philosophy and Current Affairs. This focus on independent thinking is nurtured through class discussion, debating, etc.; STEM - state of the art laboratories, supporting students in developing a sense of enquiry in a highly collaborative, innovative space.
  • Coaching each student has their own coach and is encouraged and enabled to take ownership of their learning and to set goals for optimum outcomes

Academic and Coaching lead to Education for Life – mental (fostering a growth mind-set and life skills/independent thought), emotional (virtues programme), spiritual (developing a moral code and knowledge of faith in an atmosphere of personal freedom and responsibility), physical (sport and healthy living)


  • Positive Learning Environment: purpose-built school mindfully and expertly architected to provide a flourishing learning environment mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Student Leadership Opportunities: in the school, Student Council, Green School, Team Captains, Prefects
  • Entrepreneurship and 21st Century Skills; agility, attitude and aptitude
  • Sports and Extra-Curricular: basketball, netball, hockey, tennis, badminton, musical, choir
  • Social engagement: preparing and challenging students to make a positive contribution to their workplace, family and society.


  • Partnering with Parents: it is our founding intention to work with families for each student’s benefit. This brings parents closer to their daughter’s education engaging their input to support their daughter’s learning and development in school. It also empowers them to give meaningful support and encouragement at home.
  • Partnership with Staff: highly committed teachers at Rosemont believe in the potential of each student and work to foster this daily
  • Partnership with Students: vibrant student council and opportunities for student leadership and initiatives
Rosemont classroom