Rosemont Scholarship Award

Background to the Rosemont Scholarship Award

Rosemont School is a secondary school for girls, situated in Sandyford. Established by parents, the school works in partnership with families to teach ownership of learning and goal setting to maximise each student’s potential. Rosemont, an academically challenging school, is built on a solid sense of values and a commitment to the service of others together with a deep understanding of the Catholic faith.

Key to the ethos of Rosemont is to facilitate equal opportunity of access to education and social diversity. This independently funded programme established by the Trustees is aimed at high academic promise students who will benefit from the opportunities that Rosemont provides and who will contribute strongly to the life of the school.

More information

For further details please contact the Secretary, Rosemont School, Enniskerry Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18. Tel 01-2078007, email

Download policy for the Scholarship

Lucy won the Academic Scholarship in English and has started in school in Sept 2015

Sarah won the Academic Scholarship in Irish and has started in school in Sept 2015