Drama Workshop

Every Wednesday after school from 4-5pm

Through improvisation the students will:

  • Learn how a play can be devised
  • Improve their acting skills
  • Discover their creative potential

With previous successful shows like Annie, Beauty and the Beast and Matilda it was only right that a drama workshop be held in Rosemont School to nurture the talent that the school has and give the students a chance to develop their inner actress.

With auditions just around the corner for the next Rosemont musical, the workshop is packed to capacity with eager, talented and enthusiastic girls all wanting to take their acting skills to the next level.

Ms Maher and Ms Byrne have devised a programme that is sure to challenge and inspire the young talented actresses. Through fun warmups, improvisation, short scene scripts and dramatic poetry reading, the students are improving their self-expression, self-esteem and confidence in a fun and relaxed setting.


The school offers extra-curricular opportunities based on demand. The following activities are consistently offered each year:


Rosemont competes in two to three hockey leagues each year including: Leinster Schools Junior and Minor Leagues. Practice takes place every Monday evening at Three Rock Rovers Hockey Club. The schedule is posted to the Rosemont calendar and is regularly updated.


The Rosemont lunchtime choir is a popular extra-curricular activity. Run by our music teacher and skilled conductor our students learn a passion for song through regular practice and performance.


The school basketball teams compete in two to three leagues each year including: South Dublin Basketball Junior League, Cadette League and Senior League. Practice is hosted on our own on-site basketball courts.

Trips Abroad

History Trip to London 2015


Rosemont gives great importance to sport and healthy living as key to student well-being, from First year right through until Sixth year.

Rosemont teaches PE and conducts our extra-curricular programme both here at the school and at local facilities. Those include:
• School basketball court
• School tennis courts
• School badminton/volleyball courts
• Three Rock Rovers Hockey Club