From April 18th to the 21st, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz made his first pastoral visit as Prelate of Opus Dei and it was to Ireland! On the Wednesday, he came to Rosemont School and met with a large number of families in the auditorium. Responding to the questions people asked, he spoke about listening and connecting with others from the heart. He talked about the central place God can have in each person’s life and about caring for the family and home.

The Prelate encouraged everyone to seek God’s presence when carrying out any work “We can tell our Lord: ‘Let’s carry out together this task that seems so urgent.’” And he added: “This is more than having God as a priority; it is placing Him at the centre, giving Him ‘centrality’ in our life.”

He also invited everyone to reflect on Christ’s love for each person: “Our faith tells us that you, that I, that each one of us is loved immensely, infinitely, by Jesus. We are the object of an infinite love, an all-powerful love.”