The 5th and 6th Year Art students had their annual Art trip on Wednesday 4th December to the National Gallery of Ireland.  I had organised a guided Highlights Tour and as we’re studying The Renaissance the guide focused on that era.  Although the NGI doesn’t have any da Vinci’s or Michelangelo’s on their walls they do have a Granacci painting and also a Peregrino, two contemporaries of da Vinci and Michelangelo.   The guide was very informative and talked the girls through the techniques, symbolism, and composition of the paintings.  She encouraged the girls to engage and ask questions. The final painting on the the tour was the ‘Taking of Christ’ by Caravaggio painted in 1602.   A magnificent painting belonging to the Baroque movement.  The guide told the girls the fascinating story of how the painting was identified as a Caravaggio in the Jesuits House on Leeson St. in 1990.  Now that it has
been cleaned and fully restored the painting hangs in the gallery on permanent loan from the Jesuit Order for everyone to enjoy.  Certainly worth a visit. Ms O’Connor