Parents’ Association

The objective of the Parents’ Association

The objective of the Association is to provide a forum for parents to become involved in matters pertaining to the development of school/parent linkages in the following ways;

  • Organising courses on topics of interest to parents.
  • Assisting in fund-raising for essential school activities.
  • To encourage parents’ participation in promoting the well-being and interests of the pupils of the school.
  • To further the Catholic and Educational Objectives of the school
  • To inform and consult parents regarding school plans and activities. However, the Association does not involve itself in matters relating to the internal administration of the school.
  • To assist/organise with school organised events.
  • To organise social events for Rosemont parents and/or families.

For the Parents’ Association Constitution, please Click Here

2021 / 2022 Committee Members

  • Chairperson – Sinead Nicholson
  • Treasurer – Triona O’Reilly
  • Anita Brennan
  • Finn Johnson
  • Janice McCluskey
  • Alicia Keane

2022/2023 Executive Committee Members

*** We are actively looking for new members of the parents’ association for 2022/2023 and encourage parents to consider it and get in touch if they would like to join the committee.  ***

We will be electing new executive committee members in September 2022 as some of the current committee executives are at the end of their terms

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary

Annual AGM

  • An AGM of the Parents’ Association shall be held within six weeks of the start of the school year for the purpose of electing the officers and committee of the Parents’ Association for the forthcoming academic year.
  • A call for nominations to the Parents’ Association shall be issued within two weeks of the start of the school year and the deadline for nominations shall be two weeks before the date of the AGM.
  • After the AGM, the Parents’ Association shall meet on a monthly basis for the duration of the academic year, to June of the following year.

WhatsApp Class Groups

The PA facilitate the setting up of WhatsApp groups for each class.  The purpose of the groups is to inform parents of PA events and news.  If you would like to be added please email us.

Contact us at: