Encouraging the student voice and student leadership has always been an important part of Rosemont School. We have had an active Student Council who have worked hard on letting that voice be heard, encouraging school spirit & giving back to the school & local community. In order to expand this great work even further we have reviewed the structure & composition of the Student Council. This was done in conjunction with our current Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and Prefects as well as the incoming Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and Prefects who are soon to be elected. Following from this evaluation and in order to reflect the ever-changing needs of the school we will now have two separate committees, one comprising of the Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and Prefects and the other comprising of the Student Council representatives from each year. Both will work closely with each other in roles of leadership & responsibility to further add to the sense of school community, kindness, friendship & togetherness felt in the school. It allows the Prefects to further develop their ambassadorial roles & focus on working closely with their assigned year group to encourage inclusivity, doing ones best & ongoing growth. The Student Council will continue in their role as the student voice giving input & developing opportunities to enhance school life in Rosemont.

Well done to the 5th years who have put themselves forward for the role of Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl & Prefects. Our elections took place this morning with each candidate delivering a speech. Well done to all and good luck in the results.

Students include: Ruthe A, Tess B, Rachel D, Saidhbh F, Rachel G, Lucy H, Sarah J, Alexandra K, Ellen M, Sofia P, Isabel R