Weekly News:

  • Human Rights Week
  • 6th Year Geography trip
  • TY
  • Parent evenings

Human Rights Week

CSPE and RE Departments in conjunction with Wellbeing organised a Human Rights Week this week (to coincide with the UN Human Rights Council session.)

Aim  :  Raise awareness of the inherent dignity, and the equal and inalienable rights of each person.


  1. Whole School announcement each morning on the intercom
  2. Posters displayed in the school
  3. Class activities: Students had classed on the basis of the dignity of the human person and studied the UN Declaration of Human Rights in CSPE and Religion classes.
  4. Speakers:

LC’s and TYs virtually met Admiral Barrera: “Integral Action: how the Colombian government mended its relationship with the Colombian people.

3rd years met with past-pupil Miriam Johnson – A recent graduate of UCD International Commerce spoke about her work with people suffering from drug addiction in Columbia.

5th years met with Michael McGann, from the Department of Sociology and Social Sciences Institute at Maynooth University

We are running a campaign for the month of October to support refugees from Afghanistan.  Today there was be a special Mass to pray for Afghanistan.

As part of the 3rd year classes  CSPE Action projects.  There was a bake sale and Child Labour Exhibition in the Music room on Thursday and a pyjama day and movie afternoon (for some classes) today focussing on raising money for a shelter for homeless children in Kenya.

6th Year Geography trip

Sixth year geography students visited Larch Hill to research our Leaving Cert Field study. The Field study accounts for twenty percent of our final marks so we were eager, enthusiastic, and well prepared by Ms Doyle. We spent the previous week planning our objectives and aims for the day, so we were organised and ready for our study. We arrived bright and early and were blessed with a day of beautiful weather. We donned our wellie boots and got to work. We started by observing our site and prepared our equipment. Then it was time to wade in and begin our observations. We spent a most interesting and informative day in the river, and certainly learned a lot from our experiments.  Who’d have thought that velocity, gradient and valley profiles could turn out to be such fun! Lara K, 6th yr
Among the many activities this week, TY got to enjoy autumn’s arrival at Fernhill


Parent Evenings

This week we met virtually with 2nd and 3rd year parents.  The meetings were to inform parents of 2nd and 3rd year Junior Cycle academic activities for this academic year covering assessments, marking systems, and what the various terminology means.