Weekly News:

  • Founders week
  • School Musical
  • Annual Gala
  • Building Leadership
  • 3rd year CSPE Fundraisers


Founders Week

This week was Founders Week in Rosemont School.  On Monday morning, we  had mass to celebrate our week.  Tuesday an ice-cream van made an appearance with 99’s for everyone and there were many happy faces! Then on Wednesday the girls were given a long lunch for games and treats.


School Musical

The musical has been cast, the backstage crew selected, and rehearsals have started. Well done to everyone who participated.  We have past pupils returning to help out with drama and vocal coaching. It is going to be lots of fun.


Annual Gala

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Building Leadership

The Building Leadership Series talk for Parents will take place on 14th October


3rd year CSPE Fundraisers

The 3rd years counted up the money they raised from last weeks’ CSPE fundraisers and they’ve raised €700 for a shelter for homeless children in Kenya- Komarock. The bake sale, pyjama day and movie afternoon were a big success.