Weekly News:

  • Friday Assembly
  • Junior Debating
  • Careers information evenings
  • Parent Teacher Meetings – 5th year
  • The Department of Education National Educational Psychology Service (NEPS)

Friday Assembly:

Junior Debating:

Congratulations to Sabastine Pennington who made it through and competed this week in the Grand Final of the Matheson Junior Debating National Mace. From nearly 500 speakers, it came down to the top 8 on the island of Ireland! Sabastine was a credit to our school.  We are very proud of her as well as all those who supported her in getting there. Well done!

Careers information evenings:

We are happy to announce a Careers Information Evening for 3rd, TY, 5th, and 6th Year students over Zoom. 

You will hear from Rosemont parents and past pupils about their work in Facebook, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Microsoft, St James Hospital, and more, as well as learn what it takes to be an entrepreneurachieve work/life balance, and deepen in resilience starting now.
Rosemont parents and past pupils will share their experience and advice about working in different professional fields: How to get there, what skills to begin working on today, and what a day in the life of their work is like. Each session will include a Q&A.
Careers Information Evening Part 1: Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Careers Information Evening Part 2: Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Both evenings will begin at 7 pm and feature a unique panel of speakers. 

Further details and zoom invite will be made available shortly.

Parent Teacher Meetings – 5th year:

5th year parent teacher meetings ran very smoothly this week.  We would like to thank you all for your positive feedback and words of encouragement.

The Department of Education National Educational Psychology Service (NEPS):

The Department of Education National Educational Psychology Service (NEPS) have many resources that you may find useful while schools are closed. These resources may be found here and include the following support materials:

Plan for a Day

  • A plan for the day template is available to help your child put a structure on the day. It suggests trying to have a schedule, creating time for fun activities, time for learning, break times and time for physical activity.

Advice for Young People

  • NEPS has published a document providing Advice for Young People while schools are closed.

Relaxation Techniques Podcast

  • This link will take you to a podcast from NEPS to help parents and pupils practise relaxation techniques. 

Advice for Parents

  • NEPS has also published A Guide for Parents on Supporting Children and Young People with Daily Routines while schools are closed.
  • There are also many helpful tips and practical strategies to support your child if they become overwhelmed.

Managing Stress and Anxiety – A Guide for Parents and Guardians

  • While students are overall coping well with Covid-19, if they are becoming more stressed and anxious the information provided by the Department of Education NEPS may be helpful.