Transition Year Students 

Highlights of Transition Year. Sarah, Sofie, Éilis, Niamh, Caroline, Isobel, Orla, Catherine, Therese, Monica and classmates tell us some of their exciting experiences in Transition Year!

Hear about the School

In this 4 minute video hear directly from parents, teachers and past pupils about their experience of our school.

A Student's Experience of the European Youth Parliament- Dublin 

From the 2nd to the 4th of October, I attended the annual European Youth Parliament session in Dublin. It was really enjoyable and a great experience.The first day was just about team building exercises and getting to know the people you will be working with for the next couple of days. I really liked this as it was a great bonding experience and I made lots of new friends which I am still in contact with today. The second day, we had to come up with resolutions for our topic (mine was gender stereotypes in the workforce) as a group. 

Megan O'Connor Kenny​
European Youth Parliament Official Website

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Web Summit Rosemont


rosemont web summit

On Stage at the Web Summit

Susanna is invited to the Irish National Science Olympiad!

Rosemont Madrid

Midterm School Trip to Madrid

Active School Flag at Rosemont

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