Rosemont Scholarship

Rosemont Scholarship Examination for 6th class girls take place on Saturday 12th November, 10am – 1pm.

Key to the ethos of Rosemont is to facilitate equal opportunity of access to education and social diversity. This independently funded programme established by the Trustees is aimed at high academic promise students who will benefit from the opportunities that Rosemont provides and who will contribute strongly to the life of the school.

Details of our Academic Scholarship Award

An application form is available as part of the policy document and should be completed and returned by Friday 28th October 2016.

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Highlights of Transition Year. Sarah, Sofie, Éilis, Niamh, Caroline, Isobel, Orla, Catherine, Therese, Monica and classmates tell us some of their exciting experiences in Transition Year!

In this 4 minute video hear directly from parents, teachers and past pupils about their experience of our school.