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Highlights of Transition Year. Sarah, Sofie, Éilis, Niamh, Caroline, Isobel, Orla, Catherine, Therese, Monica and classmates tell us some of their exciting experiences in Transition Year!

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Talk on the 1916 Rebellion


Kevin Galligan, whose daughter will be starting in Rosemont this coming September, came in to give the students of third, TY and 6th year History students a talk on his Grandfather who fought in the 1916 rebellion.

Kevin has written a book on his Grandfather called ‘Peter Paul Galligan - one of the most dangerous men in the Rebel Movement’. Kevin presented the school with a signed copy of the book and one of the students – Katrina Yoder won a copy of the book plus a large Easter Egg in a short quiz he started with on 1916.

The talk was fascinating and it was really interesting to hear Kevin talking about his grandfather meeting with people like Michael Collins and de Valera whom we have only read about in our history books. Peter Paul Galligan fought in Wexford during 1916 and he was sentenced to death afterwards. He ended up in prison with de Valera and was later released.The title of the book ‘one of the most dangerous men in the Rebel Movement’ is taken from an archived paper Kevin found on his Grandfather which had been written when the British still occupied Ireland and was then taken back to London.Peter Paul Galligan seems to have been a very brave man who cycled around much of Ireland bringing messages from Collins and organising his men to fight during Easter Week 1916. He died in 1966 – shortly after the 50th anniversary of the Rebellion’s commemoration.All of us really enjoyed the talk and we would love to invite him back to tell us more about his famous grandfather.

Art Trip to London

February 24​ | Written by Sofia G. (5th Year)

On Wednesday 24th February, the fifth, sixth and TY students went on the eagerly awaited art trip to London.We met bright and early in the Airport flew to London where our first stop was the National Gallery. After taking pictures in Trafalgar Square, we all excitedly began two very interesting hours examining art – much of which we had studied before. We saw pieces like the Arnolfini Wedding Portrait by van Eyck and Sunflowers by van Gogh. We saw much fine art ranging from the 13th Century up to the 19th Century.

After we enjoyed lunch at Pizza Express we went to the Courtauld Institute, a prestigious fine art college that has an extensive range of art. Here we saw the much anticipated Bar at the Folies-Bergère by Manet.Finally, we set out to the Tate Modern where we saw art from the 20th Century onward. This included interesting pieces by Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Our art trip to London was a great success and enjoyed by all.

“Seeing the art pieces in real life the art pieces we had studied in texts really enhanced my appreciation for them. It connected what we had been studying to the paintings even further and brought them to life”
Sian K. 5th Year
“The visit to the National gallery was an amazing way to piece together our European art section of the course … you get a completely different viewing experience in person rather than in a book”
Ciara C. 5th Year

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