St Michael’s House Leopardstown held their Open Day on June 21st
Rosemont Students volunteered for the day. They helped set up a Cafe and organised a cake sale-they even baked delicious cakes and brought them along. John, the principal of Grovesnor School commented on the positive feedback he had received from the staff. They found the first years had a lovely balance of initiative and confidence as well as being very obliging and pleasant in all the varied tasks they carried out during the day. The first years were impressed by the atmosphere and that everyone was happy. Well done to the first years. Photo of students: MaryAnne, Niamh, Aoise, Anna, Ellie, Zoe, Marsha.
Rosemont 6th years Graduation Day 2017
The Rosemont Class of 2017 celebrated our Graduation day on Friday May 19th. Firstly we were invited to join our teachers for coffee in the staffroom-a Rosemont tradition which we really enjoyed. Along with our families and guests, we were then treated to a concert with performances from the other year groups. Fr. Justin said Mass, and afterwards we had a delicious lunch prepared and served by the 5th years. The day ended with speeches and our Head Girl Éilis Cannon giving a speech on behalf of our class. We were presented with beautiful necklace of a rose to remind us of our time in Rosemont. We had a wonderful day and are looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead!
Rosemont tennis team and Rosemont Netball team receiving awards at Rosemont Sports Awards ceremony in May
Rosemont tennis team (in the above picture). Rosemont Netball team (in the below picture).
Julia O’Malley, Spanish Teacher of Rosemont, features in The Irish Times commenting on the Junior Cert Spanish Exam
Junior Cert Spanish students faced an occasionally “challenging” paper on Tuesday, according to teachers. Julia O’Malley, a teacher in Rosemont, said the aural exam was fair, with plenty of texts to engage student interest. The timing of the exam worked well, with students given “ample time” to answer all questions. She said it was was a “broad paper” which offered students many opportunities to use the vocabulary they had learned. Rosemont students have won the top place nationally in Junior Cert Spanish both in 2013 and in 2016. See Full Article
Cheque for €2,270 to Make-a-Wish Foundation
Rosemont present a cheque for €2,270 to Make-a-Wish Foundation from funds raised at annual May BBQ.

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