Overseas Students

Rosemont School offers overseas students the chance to learn English through the direct and enriching experience of studying in an Irish Secondary School with native English speakers.

Rosemont School follows the Irish Department of Education academic programme.

Overview of the Irish Secondary Secondary School Education System

  • Students from 12-18 years attend Secondary School.
  • Secondary School covers six years of education from 1st – 6th year. 
  • 1st-3rd year students following the Junior Cycle programme.
  • 4th year is referred to as Transition Year (TY).  Transition Year is for students aged 15-16 years.
  • 5th-6th year students follow the Senior Cycle programme concluding with students sitting the established state Leaving Certificate examinations.

Overseas Students are invited to participate in our Transition Year (TY) Programme.

It is a fun year where Overseas Students experience high-energy activities and focused education while enjoying our warm and friendly Irish Culture.  This exciting year is enhanced through Rosemont School’s unique Transition Year Programme.

Rosemont’s Overseas TY form, will provide an environment for your daughter to advance her English language ability (Cambridge curriculum), with our experienced EFL teachers, allowing her to progress through the academic year with confidence in a nurturing environment.

Students will attend academic subject classes for Transition Year as directed by the Department of Education.  In addition, Rosemont School’s Transition Year Programme modules are enjoyed by all Transition Year students. These modules of scheduled activities help cultivate strong bonds of friendship for all students in the year group.


Rosemont School’s Overseas Programme in Transition Year is a platform to assist your daughter’s development and growth in personal responsibility. It will enable her to perfect her English in school through immersion. Your daughter will utilise her ever-advancing language skills while developing friendships and having fun!

Rosemont School is not a Boarding School, therefore it is required that all girls whose parents live overseas, irrespective of age, have a Guardian appointed for the duration of their enrolment.  This person acts on behalf of the girl’s parents. Guardians are required to liaise with the student’s parents and the school to provide an additional level of support for the student while they are enrolled in Rosemont School.

A Guardian may be a family member, a Guardianship agency, or other responsible Irish-based adult authorised by the student’s parents.

Guardianship Agencies look after numerous aspects of your daughter’s stay in Ireland from host families, airport transfers, visas, additional trips, parent-teacher meetings, additional language support, Saturday activities, uniforms, and books along with 24/7 Guardianship and medical emergency support.  We are happy to provide you with details of agencies we are partnered with.


If you would like to complete an application form you may do so by clicking here or you may complete the online application form below.

If you are interested in Rosemont School and would like to learn more please email admissions@rosemont.ie