Overseas Students

Rosemont School offers overseas students the chance to learn English through the direct and enriching experience of studying in an Irish Secondary School with native English speakers .

Rosemont School follows the Irish Department of Education academic programme.


Overview of the Irish Secondary School Education System

Students from 12-18 years attend Secondary School.

Secondary School covers six years of education from 1st year – 6th year.  4th year is referred to as Transition Year (TY)
The 6 years are divided into the following,


  • Overseas students are not required to take Irish as a subject.

If you would like to complete an application form for the following two academic years, 2021 and 2022, you may do so by clicking here  or you may complete the online application form below.

If you are interested in Rosemont School and would like to learn more please email admissions@rosemont.ie

Overseas Fees 2021-22

Overseas Fees 2022-23