Rosemont’s academic programme gets results.

The Rosemont Class of 2023 continued our successful story with;

63% achieving over 500 points

95% achieving over 400 points

Average 519 points v National average 410-419 points

All students from the year progressed into third-level degree courses in TCD, UCD, DCU, NUIG, NCAD or TUD

Consistently Rosemont Leaving Certificate students receive results which qualify them for entry to Irish universities. Our past pupils have gone on to pursue success in third-level education and the workplace.

Currently, our graduates are studying in TCD, UCD, DCU, NUIM, NUIG, DIT, the National College of Art & Design, and several European Universities.

The Department of Education and Skills have issued the report on “Whole School Evaluation – Management Leading Learning” .

This report affirms our high academic standards, our ethos, and the way parents and teachers work closely together to achieve the best for students.

We are particularly delighted that they highlighted the following areas:​

  • Excellence in teaching and learning and in leadership of learning
  • Evidence of students’ ownership of learning and excellent student behaviour
  • Rosemont strives to equip the students for life
  • Excellence in class preparation and evidence of students being academically challenged
  • Evidence of teachers’ exemplary hard work and commitment
  • The school’s ethos is evident in the classrooms, in partnership with parents and in programmes such as the coaching and virtues programmes
  • Rosemont is a proactive, self-evaluating school, constantly focused on improvement
  • Excellent facilities and bright classroom environment and ICT widely and effectively used


Rosemont’s own curriculum is carefully developed each year to optimise each student’s performance within the national curriculum. Every subject sets high academic standards, teaches goal setting, and encourages students to take ownership of their learning. Teachers employ advanced teaching practices in each subject, challenging every student to do their best work.

Irish – English – Maths – History – Geography – Civil, Social and Political Education – French – Spanish – Art, Craft and Design – Science – Chemistry – Biology – Accounting – Applied Maths -Business – Music – Home Economics – Physics – Physical Education – Religion – Social, Personal and Health Education​

Book lists for 2024-2025

Homework Guidelines

Based on the course curriculum to be covered each year and the particular projects each class assigns, Rosemont’s teaching staff have prepared a set of homework guidelines for each year.

This will give parents and students a clear idea of how much time should be devoted to homework each night broken down by subject.

Download pdf of Homework Guidelines: