Applications for 1st Year 2024 Onwards.  Rosemont School can only accept applications for admission to the school for 1st year during the applications’ window of the preceding year. For 2024 applicants please refer to the Annual Admissions Notice 2024.  In the meantime, if you wish, you may complete a preliminary Keep in Contact Form.   If you have any queries, please email

Application for 2nd – 6th year 2024 Onwards.  Application Forms may be downloaded from the links below or completed online.  If you have any queries please email

Admissions Process

At Rosemont School, we recognise the importance of selecting the correct secondary school for the student and for her family.  With this in mind, we aim to be as informative and helpful as possible.

Due to amendments in The Education Admissions to Schools Act our Admissions Policy has now been reviewed.

Applicants should read the school’s  Admissions Policy prior to completing the application form. The information requested on the application form is required in order to process your application for admission to Rosemont School.  The information provided by you will be treated confidentially and processed in line with the school’s  Admissions Policy

 We are as always pleased to meet with prospective students and parents and answer any questions they may have.

Please email for further information.

1st Year Applications

If before 1 February 2020, you were offered and accepted a place in Rosemont School, and paid a deposit for a place in 1st Year for September 2023 the new policy will not impact your place.

If you would like to apply for a place for your daughter in 1st year 2024 in Rosemont School you may do so from October 2nd, 2023.  The application form must be completed online.  Places will be offered in accordance with our Admissions Policy.  Offers will not be made before the date set out in the Annual Admissions Notice 2024.  If you are an overseas student please complete the Overseas Application Form. If you would like further information please call 01- 207 8007 or email

If before 1 February 2020, you applied for a place for September 2024 or 2025, your application has been added to the waiting list.  In November of the year before your daughter’s year of entry, places will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis to anyone whose name is on that waiting list.  There will be no need for you to re-apply. Offers will not be made before the date set out in the Annual Admissions Notice for each relevant year.  The Annual Admissions Notice will be published on the school website and communicated to you.

If before February 2020 you applied for a place in Rosemont with an entry date later than September 2025, you will need to apply again in October of the year before your desired entry date. Your initial application will be considered an intention to apply only.

If your daughter is in fifth class or below and you would like to keep in touch with Rosemont School please complete the Rosemont Keep in Contact Form,  Subscribe to our News,  or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

2nd-6th Year Applications

You may apply any time for a place in Rosemont School for 2nd-6th year.  Any available places will be allocated per our Admissions Policy’s selection criteria. Any offer is conditional on payment of a deposit in full. Please see Fee Structure Information 24/25 for further information on school fees.  If you wish to apply our application form may be completed online, or if preferable may be downloaded. If you are an overseas student please complete the Overseas Application Form.  If you would like further information please call 01- 207 8007 or email

Should you wish to visit or would like further information please call 01-207 8007 or email to make a suitable appointment.

Our Admissions Policy has been created within the context of current legislation, the DES regulation, the rights of the Patron, and the resources available as further outlined in our admissions policy document.



Each year Rosemont School offers Bursary opportunities to applicants entering 1st year. Please also note our bursary FAQ’s   For further information please refer to the Bursary Policy document and the Student Bursary Application Form both found on the School Policies Page.

Open Evening

Our annual Open Evening is Thursday, September 26th, 2024.  5.30-8pm.  All families are welcome. Please register in advance

Summary Step-by-Step Guide on how to Enrol 2-6th yr Applicants

  1. You can contact us directly by calling us at 01 207 8007 or emailing or you can apply online by clicking here.
  2. The application form for 2nd-6th years is available for download here (PDF).
  3. Upon receipt of the application form and two most recent school reports, and by no later than 21 days, the school shall make a decision in respect of the application concerned and inform the parents in writing thereof.
  4. Acceptance of a place will be secured upon receipt of the non-refundable deposit.
    This deposit will be off-set against school fees for first year of entry.
  5. You are welcome to attend our annual Open Evening, Thursday, September 26th, 2024 5.30- 8 pm. Registration is required in advance
  6. 1st year applicants, please refer to Rosemont School’s Annual Admissions Notice and Admissions Policy.  Upstream Applicants, please refer to Rosemont School’s Admissions Policy