Coaching: each student has their own coach and is encouraged and enabled to take ownership of their learning and to set goals for optimum outcomes.

Academic and Coaching lead to Education for Life – mental (fostering a growth mind-set and life skills/independent thought), emotional (virtues programme), spiritual (developing a moral code and knowledge of faith in an atmosphere of personal freedom and responsibility), physical (sport and healthy living).

My memory of my time in Rosemont was that we were treated as individuals and not as one class. I had my good points and bad points and through my coach I was helped with those specifically. We all were. When I was a studying in UCD, fellow students were amazed at the number of people I knew who were either heading up societies or well known in debating circles – the common thread among all of us was we were past pupils of Rosemont. A very proud moment for us all.

Maeve McEnri. B Comm, (UCD)

Past Pupil