Building Leadership


In this podcast Máire Cassidy explores the importance of volunteering in your daughter's life. Volunteering is at the heart of who we are, it's walking the talk. It is the action of helping or doing something for someone besides ourselves. There are 4...

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Personal Responsibility

As part of our virtue of Responsibility we have looked at Personal Responsibility with students in September.  We have explored various aspects of Personal Responsibility: What does a responsible person look like?    How to choose well in...

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Family Responsibility

Topics of this podcast: Families and the digital age and Love and imperfection in the family. Teens cannot imagine a world without social media.  Reflecting on the impact of digital media – will help them to be more aware and more discerning...

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Overview of the Virtue Programme…

Welcome to Rosemont’s Virtue Programme for Parents.   As parents you are essential to our school and our Virtue Programme. Through our Virtue Programme for Parents we hope to share with you the content of the programme that your daughters are receiving and...

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Building Leadership is produced by Máire Cassidy

Máire is an Irish and Geography teacher in Rosemont. She started her career graduating in law with a BCL from UCD and a BL from Kings Inns. In addition, Máire graduated with a BA in Irish and Geography from NUI Galway and a PME from TCD.

Building Leadership is rolled out annually to students, staff and parents.

In addition,  Máire is one of the team which set up the Momentum Leadership Programme, a leadership programme for TYs based in Dublin.