Why Rosemont

1. Rosemont is a pioneer of ownership of learning in Ireland, which is delivered through our educational programme and coaching

Ownership of learning recognises the student as the driving force in her own educational development. Each student is encouraged to take responsibility for her learning, for example by reflecting on the effectiveness of the strategies she uses in class, in extra-curricular activity and in study. Our experience shows this creates a more energetic and motivated approach to learning.

Educational Programme: our focus on independent thinking underpins our excellent record of academic success, with Rosemont Leaving Certificate students consistently receiving outstanding results qualifying them for entry to Irish universities. Rosemont’s long history in educating students to think independently is anchored in the teaching of the humanities. Independent thought is nurtured through class discussion, higher-order questioning, presentations, and debating. The Sciences develop a sense of enquiry delivered in state-of-the-art laboratories, in a highly collaborative, innovative space. Mathematics and business subjects facilitate logical thinking and entrepreneurship. Creative subjects such as Music, Home Economics and Art develop the brain connectivity involved in focused thought, empathy and self-awareness.

Coaching: Rosemont has pioneered coaching in the Irish school system since 1977. Each student has a one-to-one coach who acts as a valuable advisor when students are setting their own targets and goals in school. Coaches encourage their coachees to make the most of their strengths and talents. Each term, parents engage with their daughter’s coach to facilitate her progress.

Rosemont’s educational programme and coaching prepare our students for all aspects of life:

  • intellectual: through fostering a growth mind-set and independent thought
  • emotional: through the virtue and well-being programme
  • spiritual: through developing a moral compass and understanding of the Catholic faith in an atmosphere of personal freedom and responsibility
  • physical: through sport and healthy living

2. Our diverse range of opportunities encourages students to develop their personal potential

  • Student leadership opportunities are in abundance in Rosemont: Student Council, Green School, Team Captains, Prefects, Gaisce Awards
  • Sports and extra-curricular activities include basketball, netball, hockey, tennis, badminton, musical, choir
  • Entrepreneurship and 21st century skills are developed in conjunction with European Youth Parliament, Young Environmentalist Awards, Build-a-Bank, TY Entrepreneur STEM Camp, and many other competitions
  • Social engagement via volunteering opportunities prepare and challenge students to make a positive contribution to their workplace, family and society
  • Positive learning environment in our purpose-built school which is mindfully and expertly architected to provide a flourishing learning environment

3. A three-way partnership between parents, teachers and students ensures Rosemont’s educational vision becomes a reality for each student

  • Partnership with parents: it is our founding intention to work with families for each student’s benefit. This brings parents closer to their daughter’s education, engaging their input to support their daughter’s learning and development in school. It further empowers them when giving meaningful support and encouragement at home
  • Partnership with teachers: our highly committed teachers at Rosemont recognise the potential of each student and work with parents and students to cultivate it
  • Partnership with students: this is embedded in the school culture, manifesting itself through coaching, school and class assemblies, our vibrant student council and opportunities for student leadership and initiative