Learning online

​Delivering Continuity of Learning – Online

What is online learning?

  • Online learning has been designed for learning in extraordinary circumstances, building on the existing strategic use of technology to enhance classroom learning.
  • The teaching and learning that happens in the class room can be largely replicated through our online systems, though nothing can replace the invaluable social connections that are also a key part of school life.
  • Online learning is more than learning through technology and includes academic work, music, art and physical activity.


  • The entire Rosemont team is supporting our students.
  • in what is an unsettling time we are all available to support the girls to settle down to their work and achieve to their best.
  • Our Coaching programme has remained in place and, although contact is a bit different, every coach is available for their students.


  • Each individual teacher has decided on a method which suits each individual subject, class and student best. They are using Microsoft Teams, email and Zoom.
  • By tailoring our online learning, students have been able to follow their regular school timetable and actively engage with classes and learning.
  • An attendance roll is taken at the start of every class.
  • Students are expected to engage actively in every class through discussions, class comments, and meeting deadlines.

 Microsoft Teams

  • Rosemont School primarily uses Microsoft Teams to replicate the class room environment, interacting in live classes, sharing resources and receiving assignments.
  • We recognise the importance of human connection and strong relationships. To facilitate face-to-face learning, students and teachers interact through Teams, which has a built-in video conferencing application.
  • Teams allows teachers to host online classes with students in accordance with the normal school timetable. Students are expected to be present for live Teams lessons whenever possible. These live lessons allow students to engage with their teachers and classmates and to ask questions.
  • Assignments are posted on Teams for student and teacher review.


  • Rosemont School is also using Zoom, an additional video conferencing tool, strategically for larger year assemblies, student coaching sessions and meetings.
  • Zoom allows Rosemont to host online assemblies and coaching with students in accordance with normal practice. Students are expected to be present for Zoom meetings whenever possible.
  • These live sessions allow students to engage with their teachers, coach and classmates.


  • Rosemont School is aware that online learning is a new and evolving concept.
  • Hence, as we swiftly adapted to our new circumstances seamlessly to facilitate our students educational programme, we will continue to review upcoming applications and tools to help our staff and students maintain best practice.


Janet Dean