Ethos and mission

Rosemont is an academically stimulating school with a Catholic ethos that encourages girls to live their faith in the ordinary events of every day.​

Christian faith is the reason why each individual girl in Rosemont is respected and valued, whether she is a believer or not. Our educational mission draws life from ideals that are sincerely Catholic; these same ideals are open to people with a wide array of beliefs and backgrounds. This partnership is possible because the Catholic faith is a truly humanising faith: the salvation it offers is a salvation that makes us more genuinely human. St. Josemaría Escrivá wanted people to discover in their Catholic faith a basis for unity and solidarity in working with others to build up an authentically human ecology in the world.

Rosemont provides a simple presentation of Catholic faith and a dynamic sacramental life and chaplaincy. Rosemont also seeks to express and live the Catholic faith in the following ways: through an atmosphere of open intellectual inquiry, a deep respect for personal freedom and emotional development and preparation for future professional life. This emphasis on the connection between personal faith and professional preparation at the service of others is characteristic of what Opus Dei seeks to contribute to the school.​