Title: Giving and Receiving Feedback, helping our teens step into the space of growth.

Description: We get feedback every day of our lives, from friends and family, colleagues and bosses. It’s one of the ways that we learn about ourselves and learn from life.  We know that feedback is essential for personal development and healthy relationships and yet it is one of the things we as adults dread most.  Our teens don’t know that it is so essential and like us they not only dread it but can reject it and even be very hurt by it. It is essential that we as caring adults help our teens to step into the space of feedback so that they can flourish as adults.  In this month’s Building Leadership talk Máire Cassidy will explore why receiving feedback is hard and suggest some tools that can help our teens metabolize even challenging feedback and use it to fuel insight and growth.

Thanks for the Feedback,  Sheila Heen, Douglas Stone.