In our first zoom talk in our series of Building Leadership, Máire Cassidy shares with Rosemont parents some ideas on the topic of “How to help our teens build Lasting Friendships”.

Friendship is the source of some of the great heartaches and joys for our teens.  For us adults this can be exhausting.   By supporting your daughter in finding and building lasting friendships you are building for the future. You are helping your daughter negotiate relationships, helping her grow into a confident young woman with lasting friendships in adulthood. As adults we often make the mistake of wanting our teens to be popular and well-accepted. It is important to understand why our teens form certain friendships because we can help them to navigate these friendships.  In this zoom talk Máire answers question such as Why teens are sometimes hurtful? What does a good friendship look like? How can parents support their teens in choosing and forming lasting friendships?



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