Building Leadership: Humility the missing virtue

Humility is another word for self-knowledge and greatness of heart – it is a virtue of a true Leader.  Without it we cannot build leadership in our teens. Studies show that humility is a common trait in purposeful teens. Humility is an awareness of our dignity our talents our uniqueness. At the same time humility means embracing our vulnerability, our limitations, falls, and failures without defensiveness or judgment, as well as being open-minded to other’s perspectives and to new information. In this podcast we explore humility as the virtue of the strong, how a humble person brings out the greatness in others. We explore the meaning of pull rather than push, how the skill of delegating can stop our teens from doing everything themselves and how parents can encourage their teen to get curious – get interested and encourage others to voice their opinion. The good news is that humility can be learned! As always parents and caring adults can model and support the rooting of humility in our teens.
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