Welcome to Rosemont’s Virtue Programme for Parents.   As parents you are essential to our school and our Virtue Programme. Through our Virtue Programme for Parents we hope to share with you the content of the programme that your daughters are receiving and to reflect on ways to support you in your work of parenting.  Contrary to common belief 21st century parents have up to 3 times more influence on their teens than their peer group (Andrew Murray, University of Sydney).

Why Virtue? Virtues help us to choose well when it is easy and when it is hard. Our aim is that Rosemont students grow into mature, other centred young women who practice the values that you as parents and the school stand for such that they can hold their own in any environment.  The Rosemont Virtue Programme is an intrinsic part of the school ethos, having received consistent commendation at Department of Education Inspections over the years.