Resilience in our Teens

In this month’s Building Leadership presentation, Máire Cassidy explores the all-important habit of resilience; the ability to bounce back from adverse situations.  The good news is that emotional resilience is a learned ability, so our teens can develop it through practice.  Máire talks about the numerous benefits of emotional resilience including the ability to adapt to stressful situations and adversity. To help our teens to be emotionally tough we need to help them build good habits of mind.  A habit of mind is the tendency of a person to think in a certain way and therefore act in a certain way.  Máire explores the 9 habits of emotional resilience including self-acceptance, risk-taking and optimism. To hear more tune into the recording below.

– Carol Dweck, Mindset
– Marin Seligman, Learned Optimism
– Raising your Daughter in a Toxic Culture, Amy Meeker Chapter 11.
– Boundaries,  John Townsend and Henry Cloud.