Topic: Step up and speak out:  

Something wrong? When there is something wrong or a situation our teens are uncomfortable with, this is the moment when typically, they need to speak out.   Speaking out can look differently depending on the situation.  For some it is a conversation with a parent to put words on their emotions, unblock things, to help them explore how they assess things.  Maybe they are making judgements that are false, putting layers of interpretation on someone’s actions that are untrue, maybe they are labelling themselves or letting a lack of confidence colour the outcome of an interaction with someone, an adult or a peer. In this Building Leadership talk, Máire Cassidy explores the importance of mentoring our teens to have good, meaningful conversations. It is one of the most powerful tools we can give our teens for their adult lives. But it is not easy.  They like us often avoid these more challenging conversations out of fear or uncertainty about how to go about them. We need to help them re-connect with the power of conversations to form friendships, bring comfort, air issues, informs our decisions, create new ideas, deepen connections and change the way we think. Máire goes through 7 shifts in our approach to these conversations that will help our teens to step into that space.