Teaching your daughter to deal with failure in order to succeed (16-18 year olds):  

Failure is something we tend to avoid. In this Building leadership session, Máire Cassidy discusses how we can teach our teens to learn from failure.  Another word for failure is learning. If our teen lives in fear of failure she may never reach her greatest potential. As parents and caring adults we need to help our teens embrace failure as a stepping stone to great experiences and human flourishing. How as parents can we help our teens regain perspective, bounce back and be resilient in the face of disappointments both academic and personal? How can we help them to contextualise failures and learn to grow and embrace challenges? As adults can we change the language we use to speak about learning? and how we can value our teens effort more than the results?  Can we teach our teens healthy self-talk and show them the tools of solving their own problems as young adults? These are among of the questions Máire explores in this month’s podcast.   


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