This weeks news:

  • Covid-19
  • Subject Series, Home EC
  • Student Council & Prefect News
  • Basketball Training
  • Higher Options
  • BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2021
  • 2nd year Maths CAT
  • Zoom PT meetings
  • Rosemont Teacher Series
  • TY’s – Microsoft DreamSpace
  • TY’s – Branch Out
  • Rosemont Student Bursary Programme 2021


We would like to remind our Rosemont community to refer to our Rosemont Covid-19 Policy Statement.

We are all working hard to keep everyone safe and well while attending Rosemont.  All our classrooms are appropriately ventilated and we remind our students to layer up as the temperature drops.

Subject Series, Home EC:

In keeping with the Covid-19 guidelines cooking practical classes have recommenced in school. All years have been doing very well baking individually while wearing their masks and socially distancing.  We are manging to savour some of the great aromas even in the ventilated and super hygienic teaching kitchen.  TY’s experimented with yeast and the types of breads produced were just great. Ms Byrne

Focaccia with Sea Salt Flakes

Student Council & Prefect News:

Congratulations to our newly elected 1st Year reps. They are ELM: Grace H and OAK: Fiona B

Basketball Training:

Basketball training has changed to lunchtime. Notification by year & team has been sent to students and parents.

Higher Options:

6th years attended some of the University Higher Options this week.  Although virtually, attended, the girls got a lot from the events.  There are a number still to take place.  Please see below.

TCD Saturday, 7th November at 10am-4pm (Registration online)
UCD Saturday, 14th November at 10am-4pm (Registration online  – sign up for updates & alerts) or
DCU Saturday, 21st November (Schedule and Registration live shortly)
NCAD Saturday, 25th November (Registration & Schedule online) (Amended) Also Portfolio Information Sessions in December
Maynooth Saturday, 27th November at 10am-4pm (Registration online)
TU Dublin Saturday 5th December (Schedule/Registration online)
IADT Saturday, 18th January, 10am- 1pm (Schedule online)

BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2021:

Congratulations to Sabastine Pennington (TY) whose science project was accepted for the Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2021.  More on this great piece of news to follow.

2nd year Maths CAT:

This week 2nd years completed the mathematics CAT exams.  These exams assist our teachers in determining our students quantitative aptitude and pace for learning at this time.  Well done girls.

Zoom PT meetings:

Teachers and parents engaged in our first ever Parent Teacher meetings via Zoom for our 6th years this week.  Well done to all our teachers.  It was a fantastic achievement.  Next up are 3rd years, Wednesday November 11th, all our teachers are very much looking forward to engaging with parents again via Zoom.

Rosemont Teacher Series:

In anticipation of Science Week next week in Rosemont and as part of our Teacher Series we have for STEM, Mr Barr.

STEM. Mr Barr

TY’s – Microsoft DreamSpace:

TY’s attended Microsoft DreamSpace this week.  Even virtually, it was a super day.  DreamSpace exists to fire the imaginations of Transition Year students. We believe it did as our students took a virtual tour of Microsoft and attended coding lectures.

TY’s Branch Out:

Branch Out Educate Outdoors Logo

Just before we broke for mid-term our TY’s went to Branch Out, Larch Hill.  Branch Out believes that all students have the ability to be resourceful, confident, engaged and active learners.  Their outdoor programmes by their very nature encourage physical well being and mental health. The activities are forest based and sheltered, which was convenient as the weather was brutal.  The forest based activities are fantastic for self-confidence and environmental awareness.  All the classes were practical.  The girls built huts and fires.  They also learnt to light their fires with flint, which was fairly handy as they got to warm up and have S’mores around the camp fire.

Rosemont Student Bursary Programme 2021:

At this time of year we would like to draw your attention to the Rosemont Bursary Programme.  Key to the ethos of Rosemont is to facilitate equal opportunity of access to education and diversity. The Trustees have developed a Student Bursary Programme which offers Bursaries to support those families who are not in a position to pay full fees. This independently funded programme established by the Trustees is aimed at students who will benefit from the opportunities that Rosemont provides and who will contribute strongly to the life of the school. The Student Bursary Programme 2021 is available for students entering 1st year only.  We strongly advise our families and friends of Rosemont to forward the links below to those who may be of interest.

Student Bursary 2021 application form Student Bursary Policy