Gratitude bracelets are a fun way of getting the gratitude conversation going. We help our girls not just hear about Grateful Living but help them to make it their own. In Rosemont we try to create a culture of flourishing, of being the best person I can be, not a culture of simply doing the right thing.

In this Building Leadership session, Máire Cassidy explores the 3 characteristics of gratitude, why Cicero once said “A thankful hear is not only the greatest virtue but the parent of all other virtues. Why our teens need to be grateful to be happier and not the other way around. How can we teach our teens to be grateful for challenges and opportunities. She also explores what stops our teens being grateful and how you our parents can encourage our teens to embrace grateful living every day.


  • Amy Morin – 13 things mentally strong parents don’t do
  • Martin Seligman – Flourishing and Learned Optimism.